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After moving into her brand new home, Jennifer embarked on an inspiring journey of documenting her passion for customizing and decorating her space through an Instagram account. Her simple goal was to create an inspired and beautiful living environment that her family would love.

As Jennifer's online presence expanded, so did the demand for her interior design expertise. Requests poured in from fans and followers all over the country, seeking her talent to design not only spaces but entire homes. This led to the birth of Dwell & Oak, her very own interior design company. At its core, the company reflects Jennifer's unwavering belief that a home should exude both beauty and comfort.

Before venturing into the interior design realm, Jennifer had already displayed her entrepreneurial prowess by establishing and owning a thriving kickboxing franchise from scratch. This achievement followed a successful 12-year career in luxury beauty marketing in NYC. Moreover, her culinary background and Associates degree from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America equipped her with valuable expertise in creating highly functional kitchens for her clients.

Jennifer's accomplishments are a result of her relentless pursuit of excellence and her dedication to ensuring a remarkable client experience. These traits, along with her meticulous attention to detail and unwavering "can do" attitude, have been instrumental in the growth of her interior design business.

Even today, Jennifer remains wholeheartedly devoted to crafting exquisite spaces that not only celebrate family but also foster togetherness and connection, emphasizing designs that cater to everyday living.

Founder &  Principal Designer

Jennifer Ma

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Art, aesthetics and creativity is at the core of everything that Caitie does. After completing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Art History and building a career in the world of fashion and beauty, Caitie found Interior Design to be a harmonious balance of everything she finds the most compelling within the design world. With strong organizational and communication skills coupled with an innate creative ability, Caitie strives to create designs that feel thoughtful, layered and functional while ultimately providing an exceptional client experience. Caitie feels that our environment and the spaces that we occupy create our reality and in turn how we feel in them. The opportunity to create joyful and beautiful interiors is truly a dream come true for her, one that she feels grateful for daily. 

Design Assistant

Caitie O'Neill

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