For virtual design we focus on selections and can provide a cabinetry sketch for inspiration and does not include specific measurements. We provide a floorplan for furniture layout for our virtual design services (not the Room Refresh) plan.

Your builder, cabinet maker, etc. can measure your space in person and provide drawings and mock-ups. We give the direction with the selections on what the finished project needs to look like. We leave our architectural and structural drawings to the experts, they are considering codes, load bearing walls, and layout for plumbing, lighting and cabinetry. Then we come in and help with picking the interior finish selections and furniture.


Do you provide CAD or any other drawings?

While it is true that many retail establishments may offer “free” advice and assistance, and that sometimes those consultants may be very good at what they do, it is also true that although the advice they offer you is “free,” they definitely are not working for “free” and their primary allegiance and obligation is to their employer.

On the contrary, a personal Interior Decorator serves as your advocate. They will always be on your side, and working to get you the best services, prices, and experience as possible. They have no attachment to certain brands (other than through tried and true experience), so they have the entire world of products to choose from, rather than being required to stay within any one company's family of brands. Do you have favorites? Let your Designer know! Dwell & Oak is always open to using our clients' preferred stores, brands, products or services.


Why should I pay for an Interior Decorator when some retail stores offer “free design assistance"?

Guided by our warm modern aesthetic, we select furnishings, artwork, rugs, window coverings, and decor to bring your spaces to life in a way that reflects your personality & lifestyle. This service is the perfect choice for someone wanting guidance from start to finish. To begin, one of our designers will come to your home to see the space in person. We will then…

1) Create a design plan.
You may not hear from us for a couple of weeks, but it's because we are drafting up your initial design and floor plan. We will be in touch when it's ready.

2) Source furniture, accessories and finishing touches.
We adequately plan to make sure all furniture makes sense in your space. Guided by our signature warm modern aesthetic, we select furnishings, artwork, rugs, window coverings, and decor to bring your spaces to life in a way that reflects your personality & lifestyle. 

3) Order and install all items for you
We take care of ordering & receiving, and when ready. we coordinate with our trusted movers and installers to bring the vision to life. We arrive bright and early on install day to finally make months of planning a reality and transform your house into a long awaited home. 


What is your Turnkey Design process like?

Turnkey Design:
Our signature turnkey service are billed as flat fees based on an hourly estimation of how long your space will take us to design. We'll send you a design fee proposal before your project begins, which will be custom-tailored to your project scope and amount of detail you're interested in. With a flat fee structure, you know exactly what you're going to get and for how much - no surprises. We request a non-refundable initial advance of 50% of total design fees. 25% of total design fees will be requested when first item(s) are ordered and the final 25% will be due the day of final install.

Designer for a Day and Virtual Design: We request 100% up front to secure your project date and put you on our calendar to begin the project.

Forms of payment: We accept cash, check, credit card (3% surcharge) or payment through Zelle.


What is Dwell & Oak's fee structure?

 Our virtual design service is for those seeking a designer look but ready to take on the leg work themselves. This digital service begins with a video or telephone call to discuss the project more in depth, and review the guide we provide you which details all the info we require from you to get started. It includes:

• The personalized curation of trusted fixtures, finishes & furnishings

•  If applicable, top-down furniture layout floor plan(s) to build from

•  2D presentation mood board(s) showing design selections layered together

• Actionable advice and expertise specific to your home needs & goals


What kind of deliverables does your virtual design process include?

We like emails, texts, and phone calls - in that order. Additionally, It's best to obtain feedback inside our design program so we can keep track of our many moving projects all at once without messing anything up. Obviously phone calls can be very efficient and sometimes the most clear way to communicate, so we just try to take really great notes during them.


What's the best way to communicate with you?

Share your Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz or other inspiration links with us. Collect clippings from magazines and/or photos that appeal to you. Think about colors, styles and looks that you like or are drawn to. What specifically in that photo do you love? Is it the rug or the lights, or both? Know your own wants, needs, and what the space should do for you when finished. Think about your time frame - when do you want to start? Do you have finish date goals?

Have an all-in project budget in mind and be honest about it with your designer. Having at least a ballpark figure of what you’re willing to spend on your project is a good start.

Get excited! We can have that in common from the very beginning.


How can I prepare for my first meeting/call for my project?

We ask for you to add all edits/questions in one email. For example: Can I have another option for a paint color, art, and a different rug would count as one revision. Please allow 2 weeks for edits. At this point we are not offering an extra round of revisions.


What is a "round" of revisions?