• if purchasing a full design board, your furniture investment is at least $8,500+ to obtain a elevated designer look with high quality pieces.
  • you understand you are responsible for making all purchases and installing everything to bring it to life with dwell & oak's guidance. you understand that substituting selected items after the designs have been completed will affect the quality and overall cohesiveness.
  • after 5 business days (3 days for mini's boards) of unlimited revisions, we are happy to make changes for you at $50 per item.
  • purchasing a package will put you into our design queue and expect to hear from your designer within 2-4 weeks of completing your online questionnaire.your designer will email you when we start the project.
  • all communication will be help in our design portal, designfiles. you are able to approve/reject/provide feedback all in one place.
  • our team consists of two exemplarary designers and you will be paired with one on a project by project basis.
  • pricing on our website is valid up to 3 months from the date of purchase. if needing to delay a start of a project, please note that it is subject to a price increase if our pricing does increase.

Purchasing a design package with Dwell & Oak LLC  implys  that you have read and understand the below terms of service.

Terms of Service

We look forward to working with you!