How to Make Sure You Have the RIGHT Paint Color


How to Make Sure You Have the RIGHT Paint Color

If you’ve ever painted a room, you’ve probably experienced a common mishap: A color you picked based on a swatch or paint chip looks drastically different once it’s on your wall. If you do a quick Internet search you may come across this image: Someone paints several sheets of paper or sample boards and hangs them on the wall to compare wall paint colors. But this isn’t the best way to do it.

If you haven’t yet narrowed down your selection to just one color, I suggest painting your choices side by side on the wall to see the differences. For some, this can be overwhelming to the eye; if that’s you, make it easier by leaving some space between the samples. Also, keep in mind that the existing color of the wall will affect how the paint reads. Colors will appear darker against a light backdrop and lighter against a dark backdrop.


Here are your steps to finding the right paint color:


Go to the Benjamin Paint store near you, and buy the smallest sample size they have of the paint colors we have picked out.  The smallest sample size might be the 2 oz. or 16 oz.  Trust me this is a small price to pay compared to re-painting a room because you skipped this step.


Paint a 24” x 12” section of your wall in the color samples, making sure to write above the name of the color, for identification purposes.  Also make sure to use a real brush and put a second coat on to get the true color to come through.


Let the paint dry and live with your choices for a few days.  That way you are able to see the difference between day light and night light will have on the color.  Then you will know which paint color is the right one.


Hire the painter.

with love,
Jennifer Ma

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