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Styling your coffee table shows your guests your personality and style. The coffee table sits front and center to the sofa or sectional, meaning that it is often a landing pad for books, remote controls, keys, magazines and any number of other small objects, like drink coasters. Though these objects don’t take up a lot of space, they can easily create an untidy look on your table. Here are a few tried-and-true tips for nice table styling tips that will make it look magazine-worthy.

1. Use Boxes and Baskets for Storage

Use vintage boxes and baskets to store all of your loose items and keep your table looking neat and in order. You can also use hidden storage, such as a false book, to keep your electronics and media out of sight but still within reach.

2. Stack Magazines to Create Varied Heights

Magazines and books are often key features on a coffee table. They give guests something to browse, but they can also be tied into the decor. Use stacks of magazines to create various heights on the surface of your coffee table. You can then add a unique object or plant on top of a stack to create another layer of beauty. The different heights make the surface interesting to look at and allow you to highlight a focal piece if you wish. For the right look, always stack magazines and books with the largest on the bottom and smallest at the top, and stack in groups of odd numbers for more visual interest.

3. Add Living Accents

When it comes to decorating, you can always keep things feeling fresh by incorporating nature into your tabletop vignette. Whether you use real or faux plants, these accents are refreshing and invigorating. Change up your plants each week or month to keep your decor looking fresh. The styles are endless. Place flowers or plants in wooden bowls, glass bottles, vases, pots or any other unique object you choose.

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4. Create an Interesting Juxtaposition with Rustic and Polished Decor

You don’t have to stick with one type of decor or one stylistic theme for your coffee table. While it’s true that many different elements can sometimes overwhelm, feel free to combine two or three different pieces of distinct styles to vary the look. Polished metals combined with rustic wood pieces complement each other well while creating an interesting vibe.

5. Bring in Unique Objects for a Touch of Personality

You can use your coffee table as an opportunity to show off a unique object or artifact that you have. While the object might seem out of place anywhere else, it can be a great conversation starter on your coffee table. Family heirlooms and other treasures really stand out and bring in a touch of personality to elevate the look of your table.

6. Increase Style and Functionality with Trays

Having a lot of objects on your coffee table can limit the usable surface space. Trays for decorating because they are both stylish and functional. Group decorative items together on the tray for an organized, clean look. When you are entertaining guests or need to clear space on the table, you can simply remove the entire tray; it couldn’t be easier to ready your table for use.

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Source: Amber Interiors
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