My trip to High Point Market!

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High Point Market: An Interior Designer’s Dream Come True

As I am writing this, I am flying back home from my 3-day trip to High Point, North Carolina and am buzzing with inspiration and excitement! High Point is the furniture capital of the world—everything is accessible to you in one place. We’re getting out from behind our computer, out of my office and just exploring that the furniture industry has to offer.

During market days, which occur for a five-day stretch twice a year, High Point celebrates American-made design and welcomes some 200,000 event-goers and nearly 2,000 exhibitors. HPxD supports this long, celebrated tradition by building up the community as a destination for the remaining 355 days each year. The market then becomes the jewel in the crown of a more robust community. HPxD was founded to create a year-round draw to the city of High Point, and this starts with the opening of flagship showrooms both to the trade and the public outside of market times. In partnership with High Point Showroom Association, HPxD anticipates the opening of nearly five dozen showrooms. Discovering world-renowned and up-and-coming makers is no longer limited to trade professionals who attend the annual event. Now, the average design lover can make discoveries for themselves.

I am so glad I made the trip because I sat on over 70 sofas, learned about how furniture is built, the construction, frames and variety of cushions. There are many vendors to choose from that are exclusive to interior designers, but am so excited to be able to pass on access to my virtual and full service clients! I went with my newest design BFF gal pal, Jenna from @styledoutwest. Both of us are Scorpios and we just clicked like white on rice, it was meant to be and we spent our nights chatting it up for hours about our similarities and all things design.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring an interior designer is the skillset and knowledge of how to put a room together. There’s a lot involved and designers help families take the guesswork out of trying to make their home beautiful. I truly believe that your home is your sanctuary and if a families budget allows, everyone should invest in a designer to make it functional, last through toddlers and dog hair days,  and feel good for you. With that being said, I bet if you show me a console table, a sofa, or a picture of a coffee table, I know where it’s from. I’m proud to say I’ve become quite the furniture sourcing expert, especially after my trip to High Point!

Do you see something that stands out to you? Complete this form here and get on our design queue to gain access to any of these products you see below.

And that’s a wrap! I really hope you enjoyed some of these photos from my trip to High Point.

with love,
Jennifer Ma

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