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This Carlsbad guestroom renovation is one of my favorite transformations. This client came to me wanting to re-design her guest room for her daughter and family friends that come to visit her often. Before we transformed the space, the walls were Sherman Williams alabaster and the furniture was more contemporary/glam. Our client wanted the space to have a little bit of sophistication yet wanted the space to feel cozy with a sitting corner.

Getting Started

Here’s how we started! To bring some visual interest in dimension to the space, we hired a contractor to put an accident wall with board & batten, then coated it with Sherman Williams Urbane Bronze paint. Here’s a complete guide on how to use this color!

The client really wanted to bring in a warm transitional feel, so we decided to choose a wood spindle bed added with many layers with a stripe today and layers of pillows for a welcoming experience. We added several layers of pillows because not only was it visually appealing, but guests would be able to use the pillows as a backrest for any nighttime lounging or reading.

For next to the bed, we selected metal nightstands to bring a different material to the space and have a nice contrast with the wood bed frame. These West Elm nightstands are beautiful gunmetal material, meaning that the longer you have them, the more worn-out look that they will get! That’s the beauty of gunmetal.

The wall sconces might be my favorite part about this project! They are hardwired, and we placed them in the perfect spot for nighttime reading! 

With other small details like a water carafe and Wi-Fi passwords, guess are really getting five-star hotel treatment! We’re so happy with the way the whole guestroom renovation turned out. What do you think?

How to Start Your Own Guestroom Renovation

To get started on your own guestroom renovation, here are a key pointers!

1) Start with luxurious bedding! I love the way bedding can transform a whole room! Here is one of my favorite sets!

2) Add pillows! As I mentioned above, several layers of pillows can create a visually-pleasing aesthetic.

3) Add a pretty rug. A great rug can go a long way. It can tie in all sorts of layered decor or bring out a subtle color for the whole room!

Shop Some of the Pieces in this Project:

These are just a few ways to get started! For assistance, see my E-Services packages! I’d love to help you transform your guestroom!

guestroom renovation with dwell and oak



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