The 60/30/10 Rule that Will Blow Your Mind


Have you heard of the 60/30/10 Rule?! Before those numbers scare you, let me explain! This rule is to help with interior design, and it doesn’t take a degree in architecture to understand. It’s one of the classic home decor tips that help create a color palette for a space. It states that 60% of the room should be a dominant color, 30% should be the secondary color or texture and the last 10% should be an accent.

The Majority

60% of a room is compromised of wall space and large anchor pieces. Standard components of the most significant percentage you’ll want to work with are walls, accent pieces, rugs, sofas, and large foundation pieces. In both these great room spaces by Studio McGee and Becki Owens, we see the majority of the rooms have white walls accented by white bedding. The photo from Studio McGee chose the smaller foundation to be a light wash wood accenting 30% of the room with furniture and design. The photo by Owens has smaller items such as pillowcases and throw blankets in neutral shades that pair well because they’re all similar in color.

Photo Credit: Becki Owens

Photo Credit: Studio McGee

The Middle

30% of a room is accent furniture, area rugs, wood trim, textiles, etc. This is the smaller foundation of a room, including other pieces such as curtains, painted furniture, and side chairs. Studio McGee uses the rule here with a brown 60% base in the walls and furniture pieces that pairs well with the 30% foundation of white on the walls and throw pillows. Lastly, a greyish blue finishes off the last 10% on the couches, rug, and other accent pillows. This layout really plays around with the spread of colors but still falls under the 60/30/10 rule to a T.

home decor tips: living room

Photo Credit: Studio McGee

The Missing Touch

10% is variety via decor, artwork, and smaller items and where you can have the most fun. Some ideas to play around with are throw pillows and patterned fabrics, decorative accessories, and artwork. I love this photo by Mindy Grayer because it has a blue patterned accent wall for the 30% foundation with a blue door and bed frame to balance it. The majority 60%, is beige on the rest of the walls, bedding, and carpet, a popular choice for a room foundation. The finishing brown 10% is subtle in this setting, hinted through the bedside table and picture frame accents but shows off front and center in the matching bean bags.

home decor tips: bedroom

Photo Credit: Mindy Grayer

Have you followed the 60/30/10 rule?! I’d love to see how you use this and other home decor tips in your space! Tag me on Instagram or share in the comments below!

with love,
Jennifer Ma