How to Mix Multiple Patterns in One Space


It’s 2022, and color is back. While monochromatic looks good in several circumstances, to stay on trend, you’ll want to add some dimension when it comes to your living spaces. There are tons of pattern and color options to choose from to give your home both character and combination. It’s also a super fun way to dress up a space and draw the eyes of guests in a subtle way. Let’s start with a few home decor tips and ground rules to remember when starting to work some patterns into your space.

Play With Scale

Mix up the scales of the patterns you’re using. For example, choose a large pattern, one medium pattern, and one small. Here is where we have dimension and flow; different-sized pillows on a couch seem more decorative. Personally, I’m reminded of my grandparent’s couch when I see patterns all the same size in one space, a bit outdated.

Mix Pattern Types

As a rule of thumb, we like to mix organic patterns- patterns with movements and curves. Generally, geometric patterns embody lines, grids, and repetition. Do not be scared to make this move, or you’ll miss out on loads of personality opportunities space in your space. As seen below, all of these pillows are different patterns but balance each other and are beautifully displayed.

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Photo Credit: Studio McGee

To create your own pillow combination, here are a few ideas for you to shop:

home decor tips: Pillow patterns

Choose a Color Combination

Choose tone-on-tone patterns which give a neutral room depth, texture, and character with a sophisticated overtone. Once you have a color base down, adding patterned pillows is as easy as getting dressed in the morning. The patterns can play around with each other and have different personalities but match your home’s overwhelming theme and color palette. Also, adding pillows is a great way to bring in more colors that you feel are missing from your furniture.

Let me know below your favorite way to incorporate patterns into your interior design!

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