How to Make Your Home Feel Finished


We all swoon over images on Pinterest as we get ready to renovate or need design inspo. So, what does it really take to make your home look “done” and like a designer came in and did it? How do you make your home look elevated and Instagram/Pinterest worthy? I am not going to lie, it does take the small things… and the big things… to make a space not just functional but feel finished. What are those details, exactly? Let’s dive in!

Focus on Style to Finish

First, focus on styling and decor. Once you have a main layout set for a room with your big ticket items such as couches, chairs, coffee & side tables, dining tables, etc… it’s time to add a personal touch. While it might be hard to personalize a sectional without breaking the bank, you can easily personalize pillows, blankets, lamps, and other display pieces. A pillow set up on your sofa or bed is a staple for getting that finished look. My favorite throw pillows are these from Amazon that are perfect for throwing on each side of the furniture. After that, I suggest adding a throw blanket that is a contrasting color to the sofa or duvet.

Finished Home Look

Can’t Get Enough Layers

Layer, layer, layer! Layering items in your home is the easiest way to add dimension. You can pretty much layer anything but definitely start with simple pieces like pillows on your furniture blankets, and styling pieces on shelves. When you think you bought enough decor, buy 2x more than that. Yes, it requires… stuff. But, these are the decor pieces on shelves, coffee tables, or consoles that make a space come alive through special little moments. Make them personal and special by shopping at vintage shops and finding unique things that speak to you or photo frames with art pieces that make your heart flutter. Another on-trend layering piece is coffee table books! Stack those books to your heart’s content. They make a great conversation piece!

Layer decor pieces

Moving Up in the World to Window Treatments

Windows might be the last thing you think about after furnishing and decorating a home, but let me tell you, this is a step you don’t want to miss. Windows are a great vantage point in a home not only for lighting but adding more to your walls instead of a simple square letting light in. Add window treatments. Again, this is more layering but adding large and wide window treatments makes your space feel grand and cozy by adding textures and elements to the space.

Plants in the Home

A green thumb in the home is always a good omen that gives a lifeful feeling to an atmosphere. Adding a tall plant in a corner or next to a console will add some life to the space and, at times, create a balance of height if paired correctly with adjacent artwork on the walls. Plants are also paired really well next to sunlight, obviously, so they are always a great way to add decor to maybe a larger window.

Finished look in Home

How Many Light Fixtures?

A ceiling fan is pretty standard in almost all living spaces and is used as the main light source. However, you don’t need the main light source all the time, and adding different light structures to support the rest of the space is ideal. Do not overlook lighting. There should be several layers of light from the ceiling, floor lamps, and table lamps. Think about lighting where there are three imaginary horizontal lines in a room, one close to the ceiling, one in the middle, and one as if you were sitting on a sofa and it’s at eye level. You want to create a cozy and romantic feel in the evening and cover the room in accent/ambient light in all 3 “levels” of lines. Does that make sense? We usually need more light than we think Let’s save those recessed lights for the kitchen or entryway, ok?

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