How To Decorate Your Living Room Like A Designer


I know we all obsess over Architectural Digest and admire celebrities’ homes from afar. Their designer layouts don’t have to feel so out of reach. The best thing about designing a space is making it your own; when executed properly, anything can look designer. Try and focus on your end goals and what you want out of a  living space decor and function-wise. To start figuring out a plan, I suggest heading to Pinterest, a lifesaver, and determining your personal interior style. Now let’s figure out the rest to curating a designer living room.

Fill in the Blanks with Color

After determining the general direction of your design, color comes next. You can go with whatever option fits best to your personal genre. However, I suggest considering the color scheme throughout your home for the living room to determine a nice flow. You can take two routes with this, heavily incorporate colors you have throughout your home or take a completely different route if you want the space to stand out more. Either option works, but you’ll want to repeat, repeat, repeat. Repetition will make your space feel organized and put together. The small details matter, so fit in color where you can!

Contrast to Nines

Creating contrast in any room always creates an eye-catching moment in your living room. My biggest tip for this is to decorate with colors on opposite sides of the color; they will always complement each other. For example, black and white, purple and yellow, orange and blue, etc… If you have a neutral color scheme in mind, try incorporating different shades of the same color to achieve this same look. Next, you’ll want to add different shapes and sizes, such as sharp and soft lines, circles, and squares. For example, if you have a more rectangular sofa, try adding some circle shape throw pillows to balance out the look. The texture is next and pretty easy to maneuver. Most likely, the pieces you intend to buy or already have in your home are different. This will contrast the visual weight from spots like marble to linen or wood to faux fur.

Rule of Three

Incorporating at least three different materials or finishes in a space. This creates a super high-class design illusion when the fabric is just different in reality. For example, in the living room, three common materials such as leather, linen, and velvet in different furniture pieces are easy to accomplish. You can learn how to mix these patterns here!

The Heart of the Room

Sit, sleep, eat and repeat. If this is your daily routine, then we should be friends. Seriously though, the pieces of furniture you utilize the most should be your bigger investments. Pieces like a dining room table set, sofa, and bedframe are all pretty big pieces that will make for a focus point in any space. These items will be the most costly, but getting them out of the way and moving forward with your design ideas is better. Some of my favorite investment pieces are from Maiden Homes, which you can see below.



Designer Living Room

Photo Credits: Maiden Home

My Top Picks for Investment Pieces

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Pro Tips

Rugs – Don’t overestimate the power of a rug and what it can do for your living room. As we discussed, even if you have gorgeous hardwood floors, a rug is perfect for accomplishing dimension and texture in your living space. My biggest tip is overestimating the sizing of your rug to fit in your living room. Always purchase larger rugs than what you expect to need. No one will notice if it is not the exact size. This will allow you space the opportunity to grow if needed and create a nice flow into the rest of your home.

Decor – Don’t spend too much on this because you will brake yourself trying to find and afford the perfect pieces. Try shopping on Amazon or Target for these smaller items and have fun with them. Seriously this is your time to shine and really let your personal style shine through. The decor is very interchangeable and can switch up between seasons or if you just want a fresh look in your living room.

Layers on Layers

This step is about finishing the last touches to achieve that designer look in your living room. Layering is your best friend, and you can’t have too much of it either. My favorite spots to add a layer or two are curtains, window shades, throw blankets are a good one, and coffee table books. You should always layer throw pillows on your sofa, and I recommend a healthy 2-3 layers for optimal contrast and design aesthetic. I’ll add some of my favorites to start down below. Lastly, add photos of friends and family in smaller frames that mean something to you. This is the best and easiest way to make a space feel like home and not just designer.

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Some of my favorite coffee table books below that work as very subtle but chic design tools to add some formality to your living room.

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Let me know your favorite designer tips to achieve the ultimate magazine-ready living room!

with love,
Jennifer Ma