Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer


Hire Interior Designer

Decorating a home is probably one of the most exciting times of our lives, and when it’s done, the feeling of satisfaction kicks in. However, the process is usually overwhelming and non the less, expensive. Hiring an interior designer to help decorate your home may seem out of reach, but I promise it is worth having that designer look in your home. Let’s go ahead and cover some misconceptions about the industry and why it is in your favor to look into hiring an interior designer!

Hire Interior Designer

Save Money

Now, how can hiring someone to decorate your home save you money? Typically working with Dwell & Oak virtually or locally, we order everything for you and save you around 20% off retail pricing from high-quality trade vendors! This way, we buy directly from vendors, so it saves the hassle of going through retail. This allows us designers, to work more with your budget and ensure you get the most out of your design inspiration. 

Hire Interior Designer

Save Time

Decorating seems like a never-ending process, and it can be without a plan in mind. Looking over Pinterest boards and seeing new design styles every day can get a little hectic. That’s why when you hire an interior designer; we do all the planning to ensure each space has everything you’re looking for and more. We work on a schedule just like everyone else and have a timeline for every project. We want our clients to enjoy their space as soon as possible and feel at home in their space.


Hire Interior Designer

Protect Your Mental & Physical Energy

An overwhelming process that can be handled by someone else so you can sit back and relax. Putting your trust in an interior designer can take the pressure off of finishing your home while you worry about the more important things in life. Interior designers are trained experts in the field that know how to plan around floor plans and create an effortless design flow. We are experts in making your dream space come to life, so you don’t have to stress about pulling it all together.

Hire Interior Designer

Help Refine Your Personal Style

Whether your home style is coastal grandmother, boho chic modern, or somewhere in the middle, an interior designer is there to help. Maybe you have no idea what you want and can’t make up your mind, and that is perfectly fine. Sometimes as interior designers, we take the best of both worlds and make a beautiful design that is perfect just for you. Starting is the hardest part, but once you know what you like, the design process is exciting! Working with a professional provides expert advice and helpful feedback to help discover your personal style.

Hiring an interior designer does not have to be out of reach! I hope I shed some light on any misconceptions you have and would be happy to answer any questions in the comments below!

with love,
Jennifer Ma