How much will it cost to decorate my home?


How much does it cost to decorate my house?

So, you just bought a new house or you need to revamp your living room, bedroom, dining room and so forth. You need to make an investment but are not quite sure how much this is going to cost you. Or, you are thinking of hiring me for full service design or virtual design and not sure how much this is going to “put you out”. Well, here is your ultimate guide on what to expect to invest in furniture, per room!

My motto is what we eat, sit or sleep on should be our biggest investment. For those looking for a sofa that is $2,000, I am sorry but I am not the designer for you. I do not believe in a $2,000 sofa for several reasons which I will make a blog post on later. I believe in something that will not just last you 2-3 years, but several years, possibly 10+ years. And the comfort level and beating a sofa might take with kids, dogs, you name it.

Most of us, including myself, all started with IKEA furniture. We all have rented or moved from apartment to house, or house to house, rented, bought, sold and accumulated furniture piece by piece, or several pieces at once along the way. We all have brought furniture from an older home to a newer home and realizing that some pieces work and some pieces don’t fit in the new space. During this time period, we realize that the style of furniture we have, may not match. This is when you realize you want to start over so everything is cohesive. But also when you buy furniture for 1 room at the same time, you will be sticker shocked. We truly do not realize how much money it costs to decorate 1 room all at once. For most of my clients, we lean more towards the “Good” price point column.



How much should I expect to spend on furniture?

I tell my clients that I work with their budget but I educate my clients that we all should really invest in good to excellent quality furnishings so that you won’t have to replace a sofa that cost $2,000 in 4 years, vs. you will save money in the long run if you purchase a better sofa that can last 7-15+ years! I have provided some examples below based on experience and these generalized costs are based on starting from scratch and purchasing everything new. Here it goes:



Remember, we all have purchased furniture a few pieces or one at a time so these numbers may come as a shock to you but I bet that if you took the time to total up your quality pieces you have purchased (down to the curtains and curtain rods and decor pieces), you will find you have spent a good amount. Investing in a designer, whether it’s virtual or full service is not only an investment but we find the pieces that work for you and your family. In the long run, it pays off to hire a designer so they can find the quality pieces your family needs so that you aren’t spending your weekends returning items or figuring out if a sofa is the right scale.

I only hope this guide helps you!

with love,
Jennifer Ma