How to Layer Pillows on a King and Queen Bed


I know that sometimes it’s so overwhelming to figure out what sizes and styles go on your king or queen size bed. I have created some examples of my go-to sizes to style your king or queen bed.

At first your husband/boyfriend might think, “Ummm… that’s a lot of pillows that we won’t even use to sleep!” TRUE. However, adding layers of pillows to a bed gives the room warmth and makes it feel cozy. Everyone wants a bed that screams, “jump in and tuck in!”


Here are my favorite ways to layer pillows on a king-sized bed:




Here are my favorite ways to layer pillows on a queen-sized bed:

Now, let’s talk about pillow inserts. Here’s a link to my favorite pillow inserts that can be bought on Amazon for less than $30 each.

My absolute favorite pillow inserts can be purchased here-they are the Pillowflex pillow inserts that can be purchased on Amazon and what you want to do is purchase an insert that is 2″ larger than the cover you purchase. Do not skimp on a cheap pillow insert. I repeat, do NOT buy a cheap pillow insert. It won’t allow you to do a good “pillow chop”. These inserts are worth the investment and will give you the high end designer look! That’s my secret, don’t wear it out.


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  1. Lucy says:

    Hi, I love your blog and your style, but I’m a little confused about the information in “How to Layer Pillows on a King and Queen Bed”.

    The sizes of the pillow and the amount of pillows are the same in the king size bed and in the qeen size bed, I do not notice the difference

    • Jennifer Ma says:

      Hi there! Thanks for catching this big mistake-I just updated the post to reflect the updated Queen bed pillows. Thank you!

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