We’re so proud of our latest California Casual bedroom project



We are so excited to start revealing our Guest room project! This project was fun to apply our warm modern/California casual aesthetic to a minimal lifestyle for our guests.

We live 17 minutes from the beach in San Diego and have friends and family that love to come visit (in normal times, of course) and wanted a fresh and inviting space for our friends & family. Throughout my design process it shows that my signature style is adding a black accent in every room (in our home) to really ground each space. I like to say that adding black to every room is like adding a bit of my NYC sophistication, contrast and drama (all of what NYC entails) but translating into it’s new environment. (You can take a girl out of New York, but you can’t take the New York out of the girl!)

While friends & family come here to see us, they also come to visit the beaches of San Diego so I found this beautiful digital download from Etsy to bring the outside in. I truly believe that the environment you live in has a huge impact on the way you feel day to day and wanted to ensure my guests wake up in a room that feels like vacation. With the soft warm lighting, crisp white bed linens and textured pillows, I was sure to give them the guest room they always dreamed of.

Since there is a window on the right, adding the wall sconces above the nightstands were not possible so we added the wall sconces on top of the bed for reading at night and love that it adds dimension to the wall. My husband Rick and I went back and forth with him wanting a ceiling fan *eye roll* vs. a woven pendant. I am still aiming for a pendant but he won in this case only because it gets super warm on this side of our house. So, for now, we installed a ceiling fan *another eye roll* (I plan to update it with a woven/rattan pendant soon while he isn’t looking and honestly doubt he would notice anyway) =P

Adding layers of detail with throw pillows, a fluffy comforter/duvet and green foliage make a room feel thoughtful, warm and welcoming. Since guests typically are excited to come visit from colder weather to the warmer beaches of San Diego, I wanted to keep the colors neutral, bright and airy as if they are on vacation; because, they really are and wanted to create that energy for them while they are here.

Also not shown here, I always like to leave a glass carafe with a small drinking glass for my guests so that whenever they need water, it’s right there for them.

Shop my guest room below!

What do you like to include in your guest room?

with love,
Jennifer Ma

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