How to Pick a Bedside Lamp


How to Pick a Bedside Lamp

Bedside lamps provide two functions: providing enough light for comfortable reading and other bedroom activities but also look great while doing so.

There’s nothing better than switching off the main lights and getting comfortable in bed next to the warm glow of a lamp. Having a light next to your bed is a wonderful way to help you to wind down at night, as well as providing a gradual change from darkness to daylight in the morning. For this reason, the correct lighting is so important: it needs to be dim enough to make the room look inviting, but bright enough to wake you up efficiently.

Make sure you choose the right sized lamp by keeping in mind the 1/3 rule: Make sure the lamp is not too small or narrow. The wider the bed, the wider the nightstand, and also lamp. Make sure your lamp is between 1/3 and 2/3 of the width of the nightstand.

The height of the table lamp should be close to the height as your nightstand, plus 2-3 inches.

Generally, your bedside table should be one-third of the width of your mattress and your lamp should be one-third of the width of your bedside table. If space permits, buying lamps in pairs is optimal as it brings a sense of symmetry to a room, even when they aren’t opposite each other. Two lamps create a feeling of luxury and opulence.

The ideal height for the lamps switch is between 21-28 inches so that you aren’t falling off your bed trying to turn on/off your light! The key is the level of the shade. This needs to sit at shoulder height when you are in bed so that the light spills out at eye-level when reading.

White or off-white lampshades provide the most beautiful light as it lets the light shine through.

Check out some of our favorite-designed table lamps below!



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