Rugs –What size rug do I need?


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I am a bit obsessed with rugs and there is so much more to them that meets the eye. A rug is often a piece of art on its own that tells its own story.

There are so many different rugs to chose from-I personally love antique and vintage rugs that are Persian or Turkish as they are typically made from wool, which is more costly but they are heavy duty. Rugs that are made from easy-to-maintain wool stand the test of time, as long as you make sure you keep them dry and professionally cleaned. Tears aren’t as visible to wool rugs than newer rugs, however they can be more costly. So, here is my round up of favorite rugs from my go-to brand, Loloi as they make vintage-inspired rugs at more affordable price points. Loloi makes vintage inspired rugs and what I love about them is that 1-they are affordable in comparison to wool rugs, most of them are flat woven that I recommend here which provides for easy clean up, and they have a soft underfoot. They are still cushy and I like the bounce that they provide!

In order for a rug to last, it needs to be able to stand up to the expected level of traffic for a given space, so be sure to think about the function of the rug first-what is the purpose of this room that it will live in and how will it be used? Use darker rugs or heavily patterned ones for high-traffic areas such as the entryway, dining area or kitchen.


Rugs –what size should my area rug be?

Getting the right size of rug is the first step of your rug selection. The right sizing is as important as the correct placement as these are the anchor and foundation to the space. Here are rug sizing tips to create a properly balanced room:

1. When choosing between sizes, always opt for the larger option.

2. Proportion is the key! Make sure that your rugs are proportional to the space and dimensions.

3. Use painter’s tape to mock the rug placement and size.


Most people are torn whether to go under or just in front of the couch. Eitherway, what’s important is the rug length should cover the length of the sofa. In smaller spaces though, it’s better to have the rug just in front of the couch. 6-18″ in front of the sofa is the suggested distance just enough to accentuate the floors. On the other hand, larger spaces look better when the rug goes under the sofa and comes out on the sides. Just make sure that the rug is big enough to cover the area.



Depending on the shape of your dining table, you may use a round or rectangular rug that can hold all the legs of your dining chairs. Make sure that all the chair legs are resting on the rug, even when they are pulled out and away from the table. The recommended size is 8×10″ rug, but it actually depends on the space size.



The most popular way is to lay the rug perpendicular to the bed, and pulling it half way under – stopping before your side tables. This gives a nice balance of maximizing the rug while accenting the floors.



We always pass by the hallway so it’s best not to clutter this narrow area, don’t go under furniture legs. Runners are the perfect choice for hallways. The trick is to cover the 75% of the length of the hallway to accentuate 25% of the front and end part of the floor. Once you know how to choose a rug size, you can move on to the fun part – choosing the colors or design to coordinate with your room. And don’t forget the rug pad too!


Hope you like these choices we curated for you! Click below to view and shop.



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