How to Warm Up Your Bathroom When It’s Cold Outside


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For those that live in colder climates, we get that instant unpleasant feeling when we wake up in the morning and our bare feet touches the cold floor as we walk to the bathroom (to pee, because, thats the first thing I do…. ). Growing up in New York City, I am used to the cold. I would wake up to cold air, I would wake up to cold floors, would have to wait like, 5 minutes for the freezing water to get warm for my morning shower. It was just the way it went. Now that I am in San Diego, it does get chilly here in the early mornings (around 40 degrees) but quickly warms up by 11am to around 60-70 in the Winter time (I know, how amazing is it!?). But, I won’t brag to my readers who are in cold weather, or else you will close this browser instantly (if you didn’t already).

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Source: Amber Interiors

#1. Add a few rugs. Layer them.

Nothing is more chilling than bare feet on ice cold tile. This can be especially true if you live on the ground floor. If you don’t have the luxury of installing new floors, your best bet is to layer rugs. Not only will rugs keep the chill away, they’ll visually warm up the look of a room. This is my favorite website to buy rugs, like the one shown in my master bathroom here. I love Persian rugs as they are high quality, thick and add a sense of style that you can’t get with a machine woven rug.

#2. Purchase heated towel rods or racks

You can’t stay in a hot tub or shower forever unfortunately. But you can mitigate the transition with toasty warm towels. This version is an affordable bathroom upgrade at $140 and can be either plugged in or hard-wired. 

#3 Weatherstrip

Be sure to weatherstrip bathroom windows to keep drafts out and in heat in.

#4: Consider a space heater

Plug that baby in 5 minutes before you are going to get in the shower and let it heat up the room. Along with the steam from the shower, it will create a warm atmosphere when you step out.

#4: Warm up the space with some candles

OK, so maybe the candles don’t exert THAT much heat. But, it will warm your space up with a soft candlelight and make it a calming experience.

#5: Freshen up your towels

Sometimes, the most inexpensive changes can make a huge difference in the way you feel and an impact on the space. I love having plush, fluffy fresh towels waiting for me as I get out of the shower. I’ve linked some of my favorite go-to towels below!

#6. Add functional but decorative pieces

Adding functionality to your bathroom space is a great way to not only simplify your routine but also to fill your styling. We love adding a bench to the side of a tub or shower with pretty items we regularly use like bath brushes, candles, or washcloths.

Utilizing trays, baskets, or jars or necessities is also a great way to display your things more thoughtfully.

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